Outdoor Self-Reliance Course

New in Spring, 2016 - Teach Students 72 Hour Survival Skills utilizing mainly Kit Items from the 10Cs and the Multi-functionality of Kit Items that help effect Self Aid to Include CTC (Core Temperature Control).


Initial Gear Selection for the 10 PC Kit and Multi Use Theory
Self- Aid Basics
Knife and Tool Safety
Basic Fire Components, Collection, and Fire Lays
Ignition Sources and Fire Extenders within the 10 Cs
Quick Shelter Options to Optimize CTC with Minimal Gear
Water disinfection by Boiling
Simple Water Filters
5 Basic Knots
Visual Bearing and Point to Point Navigation without a Map or Pace Count
Building simple Signaling Devices and use of Smoke Generators

based mostly on: Pathfinder Self Reliance Outfitters

The Outdoor Self-Reliance Course will lead you through basic concepts of Self Reliance  and Survival in a 3 day 2 night course, with practical woodland exercises as well as  classroom type training.  

This class is designed to help you cope with the hardships of a 72 hour scenario while  signaling or awaiting rescue as well as helping you learn skills for Navigation in case you  are in familiar surroundings but still lost.  The class concentrates heavily on the  important aspects of short term survival with many exercises in Fire, Mirco Climate  Construction and Hydration factors.  
This class is an Adult oriented class with some  hikes up to 4 miles and some operations at night.  Children are welcome at these  classes but may be unable to meet all requirements for full certification. IF ANY YOUTH (under the age of 18), THAT WOULD LIKE TO ACHIEVE ADULT CERTIFICATION FOR THE CLASS & RECEIVE A BASIC CLASS PATCH, THEY MUST be at least 13 yrs of age and PAY THE FULL ADULT PRICE WHEN THEY SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS. Students under  the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Regardless of your experience or skill level in the woods the basic  class is a very intense class and is the foundation from which all of the other classes are  built upon. It is highly recommended that you take the basic class before taking any of the “advanced” classes (anything above the basic class) because odds are that you will not pass those classes and no refunds will be issued. 

Basic Class expectations

This class is not a weekend campout it is a skill learning and task application of the skills taught. You must complete the tasks and demonstrate competence of each to graduate.

Custom group courses are available. It will be a 3 day (Friday-Sunday) class with a minimum of 10 participants and maximum of 20. Based on your specific requirements, The Pathfinder School can customize our existing course curriculum to meet the needs of your group. Corporate and youth groups are welcome! Please email your inquiries to brian@nunn.com

Topics covered in this course:

Discipline 1 5 Types of Resources

Learn uses for the 5 types of resources for your personal space; plant, animal, earthen, weather, and modern. You will create a more permanent shelter, sustainable through any weather condition for your region, and you will learn the importance of having a vessel for liquid and create one.

Discipline 2 Basic Knowledge (Survivability)

This discipline focuses on maintaining your bodys core temperature, creating quick tender such as char cloth, and conserving your resources.

Discipline 3 Primitive Skills

Knapping is a great skill to learn and this discipline will focus on that. You will research and put together a knapping kit, and practice knapping with glass bottles, and hafting.

Discipline 4 First Aid

First you will identify the uses of items in your kit and resources in nature for first aid, then you will identify items that can be eliminated from your kit, allowing you to depend on less resources with multiple applications.

Discipline 5 Plant Lore and Herbalism

For this discipline you will be researching eight wild plants and medicinal uses for these plants. You will also learn to identify plants and how to prepare herbal remedies for common ailments like headache, cold, upset stomach, and antiseptics.

Discipline 6 Tool Making

Learn to make two multi-purpose tools; a survival bow and rope out of natural resources.

Discipline 7 Tracking

By Basic Needs Understanding an animals basic needs are similar to our own, you will be learning how to trap based on the food sources of large game and the concealment of small game.

Discipline 8 Hunter Gatherer Mentality

Create three useful items from bones collected from animal carcasses, identifying, and collecting 3 types of natural tinder, and learning mat making and weavings skills such as making a bedroll mat from natural resources.

Discipline 9 Navigation

Learn and practice navigating by a topographical map, ranger beads, and the method of triangulation on your map.

Discipline 10 Kit Reduction

Learn the importance of reduce the number of items you carry by supplementing what you carry with natural resources.

You will also learn and practicing the importance of three of the 10 Cs of Survivability: Covering, Combustion, and Cutting Tool.